A little bit about how it works

So this summer is flying by, per the usual.  It always seems like there isn't enough time to cram in everything on your list of things to do.  Our summer started off pretty good with this trip to Glacier and here are a few prints to prove it.  Two 10X10s and an 8X8.  

When you book anything with us you'll want prints to prove it, right?  How it works, then, is we create an online album for you and your family (and friends) to order the proof from.  Not just for a couple of days or weeks, but for 9 months!  9 months!!!  No pressure then on getting them ordered...

Magical things

Karen working her magic with the magical Hasselblad on a magical evening in a field of magical unicorn food (maybe its wheat, but everything else really is magical).  Thanks go to the brother in-law Laramie for the...um, magical GoPro shot.  

We need family photos too, so that's what we did.  Can't wait to get the film back!

Brooke and Griffin

The colors in this wedding were just so pretty, and the location, a private home on the way to Bridger Bowl ski resort, was incredibly beautiful.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday! Second shot with Fran Ze Photography.